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GENEART is a leading supplier of synthetic genes and provides DNA engineering and processing services for the fields of medicine and biotechnology. Based in Europe.
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gBlocks™ Gene Fragments are double-stranded, sequence-verified genomic blocks up to 500 bp in length that can be delivered in 2–3 working days for affordable and easy gene construction or modification. gBlocks Gene Fragments make Synthetic...
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Eurofins MWG Operon is an international provider of genomic services established around the core business of DNA sequencing, oligonucleotides, siRNA and gene synthesis.
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US based supplier of synthetic genes and a wide variety of other services.
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Gene synthesis company based in Washington State, US.
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DNA2.0 provides synthetic genes to the worldwide scientific community. The site has a collection of tools and data, including the Gene Designer software, to assist with gene designs.
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