Component Suppliers
Source of a wide range of components for experiments with microcontrollers
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Source of a wide range of LEDs (including exotic wavelengths) and associated components.
| 4176 hits
OKW is the UK's leading specialist in small/medium size enclosures for electronics - with online details of a large range of plastic and aluminium cases.
| 2393 hits
Sensor Systems is an Italian Company that specialises in the production of industrial sensors and design and manufacture of Contactless Inclinometers and Rotary Sensors (Magnetoresistive, Hall Effect, Electrolytic and MEMS).
| 2364 hits
The products pages on Here are details of the latest components including op-amps, amplifiers, single board computers, connectors, memory, resistors, capacitors, relays, Fets, digital signal processors, microcontrollers, power...
| 2954 hits | Read more
A leading UK supplier of electronic components, electrical products, tools and educational resources.
| 2617 hits
Atmel sponsored forum and news site with information about AVR microcontrollers - with lots of information about components and projects.
| 2547 hits
PICAXE microcontrollers are exciting, low-cost, re-programmable chips that can be used as low-cost 'brains' in many kinds of electronic project.
| 2487 hits
US based components supplier that ships internationally - wide range of products with online data sheets.
| 2634 hits
US based supplier of microcontroller boards and components, with tutorials, forum - with wide range of international distributors.
| 2392 hits
A directory of information on Peltier Devices, also known as thermoelectric coolers (TE or TEC), thermoelectric modules, heat pumps, and thermoelectric power generators
| 2611 hits
UK based source for low cost surplus electronic components
| 4281 hits
MAZeT products are specially picked components for applications in metrology, control and automation engineering, as well as specific ICs, sensors and boards for Embedded Computing applications.
| 3730 hits
Pacer International - a leading specialist supplier of optoelectronic components and systems
| 2539 hits
Worldwide suppliers of a large range of optical and mechanical parts and devices.
| 2457 hits
Ocean Optics offer miniature fiber optic spectrometers with high performance at (relatively) low cost in a convenient, modular packages.
| 2624 hits
Online shop for PICAXE, electronic, robotic and educational technology projects.
| 2579 hits
Launched in 2006, HacknMod has grown to be a large hacking and modding community on the web, with tutorials and guides with hacks, mods and DIY projects from around web. This is their storefront.
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