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openBIS is an Open Source Biology Information System, developed by the Center for Information Science and Databases. Its purpose is the management, annotation and sharing of data that have been measured in biological experiments. The openBIS...
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[Bio]nanotechnology & Programmable Matter Autodesk collaborates with researchers around the world to co-envision the design paradigms and tools needed to understand and exploit the intersection of design and life & materials sciences.
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List of scientific applications software for Mac: Visualisation, Genomics, Chemistry and Microscopy.
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The Formica project began as a group project in the fourth-year Biologically Inspired Robotics module of the electronic engineering course at Southampton University. The project takes its name from the latin word for ants, as the robots were...
| 2632 hits | Read more is an open and independent community for scientists using Mac OS X and related hardware in their research. It is the mission of this site to cultivate a knowledgeable and vibrant community of researchers to exchange ideas and...
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