Microscope Construction Links
OMERO is client-server software for visualisation, management and analysis of biological microscope images.
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WiscScan combines nearly all the functionality of a laser-scanning microscope/microbeam apparatus into a single software package. This package controls scan waveform generation, signal conditioning, and microbeam pointing. It runs inside a...
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Bio-Formats is a standalone Java library for reading and writing life sciences image file formats. It is capable of parsing both pixels and metadata for a large number of formats, as well as writing to several formats.
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VisBio is a biological visualization tool designed for easy visualization and analysis of multidimensional image data, developed by Curtis Rueden and Abraham Sorber at UW-Madison LOCI.
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Endrov is a multi-purpose image analysis program based on Java. Imaging software developed at the TBU group, Karolinska Institute.
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Software to control a tethered Nikon or Canon DSLR - to download, browse, select, organize and post process images, create web galleries, control cameras and run photobooths from a PC. Camera control software for Mac users.
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GemIdent is an interactive program that identifies regions of interest in images. It is specifically designed for color segmentation in images with few colors, where the objects of interest look alike with small variation. For example, cells in...
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CellProfiler is free open-source software designed to enable biologists without training in computer vision or programming to quantitatively measure phenotypes from thousands of images automatically.
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Fiji is an image processing package. It can be described as a distribution of ImageJ together with Java, Java 3D and a lot of plugins organized into a coherent menu structure. Fiji compares to ImageJ as Ubuntu compares to Linux. The main focus of...
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The OpenMoco system is an open-source software and hardware motion control system for time-lapse photographers and videographers.
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A portal for free resources for microscopy, spectroscopy and bioimaging
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Machined glass slides and equipment for microfluidics.
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Supplier of ยต-slide system for culture and observation of cells during microscopy, and accessories.
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Wiki for contributed content and shared knowledge about the open source ImageJ software package for microscopy and image analysis.
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A wide range of resources for teaching cytometry and microscopy techniques, including powerpoint presentations. From Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories.
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A collection of world-wide home-brew scanning tunnelling microscope projects - with lists of useful technical resources, compiled by Jurgen Muller.
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The SXM project: provide all information to build and use the Scanning-Tunneling-Microscope (STM).
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Digital microscopy systems can cost thousands of dollars but a very useful model can be assembled by using one decent compound microscope and consumer products that cost less than $150.
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Details for assembly of a resonant scanning 2-photon microscope system based on previous systems designed by Ian Parker (UC Irvine) and Mike Sanderson (UMass). The original design functioned as a confocal system but more recent incarnations extend...
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