Synthetic Biology Labs
Martin Fussenegger's multinational biotechnology and bioengineering group is dedicated to high leverage research in the fields of antibiotic screening, tissue engineering, the development of viral vectors, gene regulation systems for gene therapy as...
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Jay Keasling's lab research is organized around three primary themes: synthetic biology, systems biology and environmental biotechnology for a wide range of bioproduction projects.
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Chris Voight's lab is developing methods for programming cells like robots to perform complex, coordinated tasks for pharmaceutical and industrial applications. They are engineering new sensors that give bacteria the senses of touch, sight, and...
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Jeff Hasty's lab uses microfluidics and molecular biology techniques to build novel synthetic gene networks and to modify naturally-occurring regulatory modules.
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Kobi Benenson's lab working on automata that function at the level of individual cells. They comprise sensor, computation and actuation molecular modules.
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Anand Asthagiri's lab uses interdisciplinary approaches to study how biomolecular signaling networks control mammalian cell behaviors and guide multicellular organization.
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The UC Berkeley Synthetic Biology Institute (SBI) was established in 2010 to clear a path to the widespread production of new biological systems to benefit society. Through the combined effort of its researchers, partners and Industry Members, SBI...
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Tom Ellis' Lab is actively involved in advancing foundational synthetic biology and applying synthetic biology to a variety of different research areas. The laboratory is part of CSynBI, The Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation and The...
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Chris Gehring's lab at KAUST, Saudi Arabia - working on stress responses and signalling in plant systems.
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Department of Plant Sciences, Department of Genetics, Department of Pathology, Centre for Computational Biology, Centre for Systems Biology, Department of Engineering.
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The Smolke Lab is interested in using a combination of interdisciplinary approaches to study complex gene regulatory networks and develop sophisticated gene expression technologies.
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Ron Weiss' lab - where principles of computer logic form a basis for engineering microbial and mammalian cells.
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A wide range of initiatives and data on Synthetic Biology from Tom Knight, father of the field.
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Adam Arkin's lab, developing and applying mathematical theory, computational and experimental approaches to analysis of cellular function.
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Luis Serrano's lab works on Mycoplasma pneumoniae and protein DNA engineering.
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Andy Ellington's lab uses RNA aptamers, ribozymes and evolutionary techniques to engineer biopolymers and cells.
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Jason Chin's lab uses evolutionary techniques to construct orthogonal systems for gene expression in bacteria.
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Modern biology is becoming increasingly dependent on computers, due mainly to the rise of genomics technologies. As a result the dual challenges of organising the large volumes of data produced and developing effective analysis methods have become...
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Computational Biology at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. Application and development of computational methods and tools for modeling and analyzing complex biological systems.
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Jim Haseloff's lab at the University of Cambridge - with resources for synthetic biology in plant systems, and engineering of morphogenesis.
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