21 Jan 2012

Thanks to Daniel Kramnik who is a high school junior from Massachusetts for sending in his award winning DIY Digital Salinometer project. If you have never heard of a Salinometer before you can learn more about it here. The system is easy to troubleshoot since it is completely modular, since it is mounted to a piece of acrylic you can trace out circuits from the front and back of the design modules.

“This project was built for the Water Quality Science Olympiad event. The rules manual just said “build a salinometer”, so this is what I came up with. The obvious choice, of course, is a simple mechanical hydrometer with maybe +/-5% salinity accuracy in the best case. This electronic solution (hehe!) has a theoretical accuracy of +/-0.0014% salinity, but some serial dilution is required to bring the sample into its range.”

DIY Digital Salinometer DIY Digital Salinometer_1 DIY Digital Salinometer_3

(Via Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog.)