21 Jan 2012

If you love taking pictures you either have or need to purchase a Intervalometer, if you love DIY electronics you should look into building your own. Nice thing is there is a great new Arduino based DIY Intervalometer to get you started.

”After some thinking, I convinced myself that I needed a navigating menu and at least these 4 different operating modes:

  1. input mode: set the various options
  2. confirmation mode: sum up the settings and wait confirmation
  3. running mode: change the output resistance according to the settings (to focus/shoot) and display the progression (number of pictures taken so far, time to next picture)
  4. end mode: inform it is finished, display the total number of picture taken

The input mode is by far the trickiest one and the one that requires most coding, the others are fairly trivial since they require small or none user interaction being mostly informative. In fact, during input mode, Intervallino has to display the correct information depending on where we are in the menu, wait for the button inputs and respond to them accordingly.”




DIY Arduino Intervalometer_2 DIY Arduino Intervalometer DIY Arduino Intervalometer_3

(Via Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog.)