4 Apr 2012

Dropcam has announced that it’s now shipping the world smallest HD Wi-Fi monitoring camera called the Dropcam HD. The camera was previously available for pre-order, and that pre-order period is now over. The camera has automatic night vision and is always on making it easy to view live video and record the video the camera is viewing.

The camera takes 60 seconds to set up according to the maker with the user simply needing to plug-in the camera, select Wi-Fi network, and personalize it. The camera also features two-way audio allowing you to talk to the people on the video using your smartphone. Users can also pay $9.95 per month for the optional DVR component that allows video to be recorded off-site to the cloud.

The camera is roughly the size of a yo-yo making it easy to place in the home or office. The HD resolution is 720p and apps are available for viewing the video for iOS and Android devices. Other features include digital pan and zoom as well as motion and audio detection. Using e-mail alerts or app notifications, the camera can also alert you when it detects motion or audio The Dropcam HD is shipping right now for $149 for the camera only. We reviewed this camera back in February before it was shipping.