27 Jun 2012

100MHz Logic Analyzer for iPad: "

So you are sick and tired of using your iPad for nothing other than playing games and as a portable media player that won’t die on you across a long haul flight. What else do you think your iPad is able to do? Well, with the right app and in the correct setting, plenty, and for those who want to take the road less traveled, here is the $389.99 100MHz Logic Analyzer for iPad. Yes sir, this might sound like Greek to some of us, but allow me to explain.

Basically, this is a logic analyzer with the real time data analysis capabilities of an oscilloscope. Most of the time, tradition dictates that a logic analyzer will record a buffer that then needs to be downloaded and searched. With the 100MHz Logic Analyzer for iPad, things have definitely changed, and I am proud to say, for the better. This device boasts of advanced triggering, decoded data which can be viewed live, doing away with the need for capturing, pausing, and viewing. You no longer need to settle for plain pictures as it is now possible to analyze data – live data, no less. Curious enough to give it a go?

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