CyanoClust database of homologous proteins in cyanobacteria and plastids. Proteins encoded by cyanobacteria, plastids and a Paulinella chromatophore as well as bacteria are clustered by the Gclust software.
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Cyano Biotech GmbH is a company specialising in applied R&D on cyanobacteria. The company’s business is aligned with the diverse cyanobacteria-based products and applications.
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This database is supported by the "Soken-Taxa" project "Construction of Biological Image Databases" at The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, and by the "Bio-Resource" project "Fundamental research and development for databasing and...
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Micro*scope is a communal web site that promotes information on the biodiversity of microbes. Microscope is the first of the star*sites, web sites for biologists. These sites use taxonomic principles to organize local information and to run...
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Entry: Cyanobacteria (also known as blue-green algae, blue-green bacteria, and Cyanophyta) is a phylum of bacteria that obtain their energy through photosynthesis. The ability of cyanobacteria to perform oxygenic photosynthesis is thought to have...
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Entry about Cyanobacteria in the Encyclopedia of Life. The Encyclopedia of Life aims to increase awareness and understanding of living nature through a resource that gathers, generates, and shares knowledge in an open, freely accessible and trusted...
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Cyanosite is dedicated to information transfer within the cyanobacterial research community. This site will work to maintain archives of experimental protocols, taxonomic information, comprehensive bibliographic information, educational resources...
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The project of the taxonomic database of cyanobacterial genera was started in order to provide as sufficient information about cyanobacteria as possible to all people interested. Either from scientific community or from outside it, e.g. schools,...
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CyanoBase provides an easy way of accessing the sequences and all-inclusive annotation data on the structures of the cyanobacterial genomes. This database was originally developed by Makoto Hirosawa, Takakazu Kaneko and Satoshi Tabata, and the...
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CYORF is a vehicle by which the community of cyanobacteriologists collectively annotates available genomes from cyanobacteria. In this way, the genomes are curated by experts from the field as a whole.
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The cTFbase was created to store and analyze all the putative transcription factors (TFs) in the cyanobacterial genomes. For each genome, the repertoire of TFs was identified and classified into different families.
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