MicrobiologyBytes is written by Dr Alan Cann. It contains a host of interesting articles about microbes, viruses and fungi.
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This site brings together many links on bacteria, bacteriology, and related topics available on the web. It also provides crystal-clear information about many aspects of bacteria.
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The Microbes in Action program serves to promote an understanding and appreciation of the importance of microorganisms in our world. The program provides scientific information and hands-on activities in microbiology to K-12 teachers via curriculum...
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ASM sponsored site about the study of microbes and their interactions with humans, animals, plants, and the environment.
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The SGM has a team of people dedicated to running the educational activities and providing resources.
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The Library is a peer-reviewed collection of teaching and learning materials focused at the undergraduate level.
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MicrobeWiki is a free wiki resource on microbes and microbiology, edited by students and monitored by microbiologists at Kenyon College.
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ScienceDaily is a leading online magazine and web portal devoted to science, technology, and medicine. This is a link to news about microbes and related issues.
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