Cars, boats, trains, planes. They're all pretty standard kids' toys, and there's nothing wrong with them either. But maybe you want you offspring to get to familiar with something a little more sophisticated at that formative age. How about some nuclear power plant blocks? More » What Kid Wouldn't Want This Nuclear Power Plant Playset? (Via Gizmodo.)
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Papercraft projects tend to be based on 3D models from video games or custom-made art projects. The basic idea is to take a 3D model and flatten it out in software such as Dunreeb Cutout or Pepakura Designer by Tama software. Then you print it, cut out the parts, fold them where necessary, and paste the whole mess together. Now, thanks to, if you've got a big head – or simply...
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When the lid is closed, this truck looks like all the other tankers at Ken Foster's oil delivery company. But this beauty is made to cook meat in huge quantities: Then, with the push of a button, the whole thing cracks apart, opening like a giant set of aluminum jaws. And inside sits a traveling kitchen, complete with four-burner stove, 42-inch grill and stainless steel prep counter. [...]...
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'Shine some light onto your breakfast with this silicon egg shaper that will make your plate into a work of art.' Like. Want. Bought. $12. [via designer Avihai Shurin, who was kind enough to take time out from his studio work to send me a link to his latest creation.] (Via bookofjoe.)
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DIY Mini-Rocket The Big Book Of Hacks Combine simple household items to make a rocket propulsion system. MATERIALS Paper Pencil Scissors Glue Alka-Seltzer tablets Water Empty film canister STEP 1 Design your rocket, drawing it on paper. A simple cylinder, nose cone, and a pair of fins will suffice. It should stand around 6 inches (15 cm) tall and be approximately 1½ inches (3.75...
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Hard Drive iPhone Cover – let your inner geek spring free: " How badly do you want to declare your love for technology to the world? Are you, like a weekend nerd? Only comfortable with basement games of D&D with very close friends? Or are you a more flagrant abuser, shamelessly [...] (Via The Red Ferret Journal - gadgets, cool sites, freeware and tech trivia.)
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I think they had the right idea when they began making sporks and including these hybrid utensils in packs of instant noodles. However, they left a lot to be desired, especially since they didn’t really do a good job when it came to actually scooping up soup or noodles. That is, until now. Some folks finally saw fit to reinvent the spork and come up with a utensil that is actually useful. The...
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1959 : The Mighty Atom: " " (Via Retronaut.)
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Who cares what color the walls are when there's beer in front of you? That's exactly what the guys between Beertone thought, when they decided to put together a color chart that takes you on a journey through the entire spectrum of beer. Beertone explains: More » (Via Gizmodo.)
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This system of burners, pipes, flasks and gauges looks like it came straight out of a laboratory. In fact, though, its a prototype coffee machine—and it could satisfy the technical desires of even the biggest coffee nerd. More » (Via Gizmodo.)
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If you need any more proof that we're giving Nobel Prizes to the wrong people, behold the brilliant creation that is Putter Pool. It takes billiards and golf—arguably two of the laziest sports known to man—and merges them into an indoor game that barely requires you to get up off the couch. Genius! More » (Via Gizmodo.)
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Add a bit of whimsy to your morning coffee routine with one of these Creature Cups ($15-$20). Available in 11 or 15 oz. sizes, these curious cups are dishwasher safe... (Via Uncrate.)
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Infrared RC Centipede - USD 55: " Most definitely NOT recommended for anyone with a fear of creepy-crawlies, this Infrared RC Centipede by JTT is the perfect way to scare the living bejeezus out of people. You just hold the mini red infrared controller and then make the multi-legged creature scuttle like crazy around on the floor. And it's huge, a real monster! But it charges up by USB so it's...
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'X-Tape is a series of printed adhesive tapes giving the illusion that your package is sealed with (top down) hinges, leather straps, O-rings, or tower bolts. 9 foot roll: $19. Right now Im visualizing my friend Mike Anderson reaching for his wallet just when he thought Id helped him drain it as much as was gonna happen today — WRONG! (Via bookofjoe.)
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You know those cute and cartoonish blinking eyes that you see in comics or on the TV? Well, you might want to bring a little bit of comic relief back to your home or office. Drawing button eyes on a piece of paper, cutting it out and then putting some Blu-tack at the back and sticking it to a notice board or at the office’s water cooler area is a whole lot of trouble. In fact, it is too much...
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Highlights and details from the website: • Vinyl • Floats • Inedible • 5' x 5.5' $5. (Via bookofjoe.)
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From LikeCool: 'With Esslack Food Spray, you can now gild your tomatoes, pretzels, and whatever other food screams out to be covered in gold. Using these fresh spray cans full of edible silver and gold paint, food goes from ordinary to bling in seconds.' From the website: …………………………… Origin and Production  The Deli Garage developed Food Finish with a small food...
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USB Pickle Light: " What took so long? From the website: ............................ Introducing: the USB Pickle Its hard to keep up with technology these days, so why not invest in something that is almost entirely useless from the get-go? Plug it into any USB port, push the button, and the pickle on the end will glow with a soft green light. Each 17'-long device is made of plastic...
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Just got mine — hope you dont put it on your to-do list because its gonna sell out and then who you gonna go crying to? Me? Ha. From the website: ......................... In our eyes that pair of underpants on the floor is clearly a biohazard. Use this sticky Mini Biohazard Tape to communicate in a passive-aggressive way when your boundaries of personal cleanliness have been...
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In this day and age where virtually anything and everything is being turned into phone cases, it was only a matter of time before we saw a couple inspired by a lot of people’s favorite seafood: lobsters. While I’ve seen cases with images of lobsters plastered all over them, this one-ups all of them by being a case that’s in the form of a real lobster. Flip it over and you just might...
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