4 Apr 2012

This idea is an excellent way to control the temperature of your home appliances to make things like a wine refrigerator fermenter. Mikey Sklar from screwdecaf has developed a project named YACT 2 which controls the temperature of most home appliances by using a precise temperature probe and relay to apply power to the appliance when needed. You can watch the video below to see the system in action. Mikey has also provided all the information you need to make your own if you prefer.

“This temperature controller is available fully assembled with all accessories or as a complete kit that requires soldering. It is ideal for the following:

  • converting a chest freezer into a refrigerator
  • converting a dorm fridge into a cheese and wine refrigerator
  • converting a hot plate into a temperature controlled cooker
  • converting a camping cooler into fermenter
  • converting a crock pot into a sous vide”.



A Temperature Controller for Home Appliances: "

(Via Hacked Gadgets - DIY Tech Blog.)