23 Jul 2012


Gen9 has developed a unique technology to synthesize DNA constructs and has used it to build a novel fabrication capability for next-generation gene synthesis known as the BioFab® platform. The BioFab® platform has the capacity to generate tens of thousands of synthetic gene fragments per year in just a few square feet of laboratory space. Today, Gen9 is manufacturing and shipping double-stranded GeneBits™ DNA constructs, or gene fragments, from 500 to 1,024 base pairs long.

The inaugural G-Prize contest, conceived and exclusively sponsored by Gen9, was launched to foster creative and innovative approaches for using synthetic DNA libraries to constructively advance industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biofuels and agriculture.

If you also believe in the potential of synthetic biology, tell us how you want to revolutionize an industry through your research. Winners of the inaugural G-Prize will receive a free library of up to 500 GeneBits™ DNA constructs! Each GeneBits™ construct is a double-stranded gene fragment from 500 to 1,024 base-pairs in length, with error rates better than 1:2,500 when shipped as linear DNA, confirmed by consensus sequencing.
The G-Prize contest is open to academic and non-profit scientists only. Deadline for entries is September 30, 2012. More details at: http://gen9bio.com/g-prize/