BioBrick Resources
The BioBricks Foundation (BBF) is a not-for-profit organization founded by engineers and scientists from MIT, Harvard, and UCSF with significant experience in both non-profit and commercial biotechnology research. BBF encourages the development and...
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Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) is a language for the description and the exchange of synthetic biological components and systems.
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The BioBrick Public Agreement was developed for sharing the uses of standardized genetically encoded functions (e.g., BioBrickā„¢ parts) but, in practice, can be used to make free the sharing of any genetically encoded function that you might...
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Transcription activator like effectors (TALEs) are natural typeIII effector proteins secreted by numerous species of Xanthomonas to modulate gene expression in host plants and to facilitate bacterial colonization and survival. Recent studies of...
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BIOFAB: International Open Facility Advancing Biotechnology (BIOFAB) aims to produce thousands of free standardized DNA parts to shorten the development time and lower the cost of synthetic biology for academic or biotech laboratories.
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Technical Standards Group of the BioBricks Foundation. Documentation and proposals for standard setting in Synthetic biology.
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The Part Interaction and Composition Assertion (PICA) framework is being developed for proposal as a standard for the Biobricks Foundation. The purpose of the framework is to provide an annotation standard and extensible data model to describe and...
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BrickIt aims to create a portable web-based registry that helps synthetic biologists to plan, organize and track their local biobrick samples. The database-backed web server can be downloaded as virtual machine to quickly set up a local registry...
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A collection of cloning vectors of Escherichia coli is kept at the National Institute of Genetics as a resource for the biological research community
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This page contains a collection of links to online tools that are related to Synthetic Biology.
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This is a portal for information relating to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. Please add any information relevant to BioBricks protocols and standards.
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