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Compiled by Jim Haseloff at the University of Cambridge.

This site contains details of recent papers and activity in Synthetic Biology, with particular emphasis on: (i) development of standards in biology and DNA parts, (ii) microbial and (iii) plant systems, (iv) hardware for scientific computing and instrumentation, (v) tools for scientific productivity and (vi) collected miscellany.

The site also contains details of Synthetic Biology research and teaching at the University of Cambridge, including the annual iGEM team run by Jim Ajioka, Jim Haseloff and Gos Micklem in Cambridge.

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SynBio calendar

  • 15 Nov

    Workshop for the exchange of ideas, experience, and knowledge about Marchantia polymorpha plant biology. The conference theme covers a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from genome research...

  • 26 Nov

    The 2nd CSH Asia Synthetic Biology meeting will be held at the Suzhou Dushu Lake Conference Center in Suzhou, China, located approximately 60 miles west of Shanghai. This conference...

  • 13 Jan

    ICBE brings together researchers who are using quantitative approaches to advance the understanding and application of molecular biology. These scientists, engineers, and professionals...

  • 18 Feb

    Technology is driving revolutionary changes in biology. Over the past decade, scientists and engineers have begun to define the path forward in the genomic era. Systems Biology has arisen...

  • 17 Mar

    Now that we know the sequences of many genomes, from a wide variety of organisms and even from individuals with unique characteristics, many researchers have turned to making intentional...

  • 09 Jun

    (Re-)constructing and Re-programming Life This conference will provide an in-depth discussion forum among practitioners of the various fields underlying Synthetic Biology. It aims to...

  • 09 Jul

    The BioBricks Foundation is pleased to announce The BioBricks Foundation Synthetic Biology 6.0 Conference (SB6.0), which will take place on July 9-11, 2013 at Imperial College, London,...

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17 Oct 2012

Carbon nanotube pencil leads used for drawing sensors onto paper: "

MIT has developed pencil leads that can be used to draw gas sensors onto paper

We’ve already seen a pen with silver-based ink, that lets its user draw electrical circuits on ordinary paper. Now, scientists from MIT have brought similar ‘hands on’ technology to the humble pencil – they’ve compressed carbon nanotubes together to form a pencil lead substitute, that has been used to draw gas sensors onto regular paper imprinted with gold electrodes... Continue Reading Carbon nanotube pencil leads used for drawing sensors onto paper

(Via Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine.)

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