We would like to thank everyone who is helping us out with iGEM 2010.


Sponsors at the University of Cambridge:
The School of Biological Sciences, 
Department of Genetics, 
Department of Plant Sciences, 
Department of Biochemistry, 
Department of Physiology, Neurobiology & Development, 
The School of Technology, 
Department of Engineering, Division of Life Sciences, 
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (SynBio2010)
The University of Cambridge iGEM team and organisers would like to thank the following sponsors for their support and for their interest in the iGEM competition and Synthetic Biology.
  Jeremy Minshull and colleagues at DNA2.0 (http://www.dna20.com/) for once again the very generous offer of free DNA synthesis.
  Stephanie McHugh at Source Bioscience/ Geneservice (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/services/sequencing/) for once again organising free DNA sequencing.
  Alison Ingram and John Pickering at Sterilin Limited (http://www.sterilin.co.uk/) for the supply of microbiological sterile plastic ware, T-shirt sponsorship on the company’s 50th anniversary.
 Miles Collier at Invitrogen (http://www.invitrogen.com/) for the loan of a Safe Imager™ 2.0 Blue light Transilluminator and an E-Gel® Safe Imager™ Real-Time Transilluminator. The Cambridge team trialed E-Gel® EX pre-cast gels.
 Mike Cottie at Biolegio BV (http://www.biolegio.com/) for organising free oligo synthesis.
 Russell Golson (and Richard Hudson) at BioSilta (http://www.biosilta.com/) for the trial packs of EnBase™ Flo culture media, 24 deep well plates for high throughput bacterial culture and T-shirt sponsorship.
  Hilde Moseby at Starlab (http://www.starlab.co.uk/) for the generous discount on pipettors.
   Lauren Dyer and Phil Dobson at Cambridge Biosciences (http://www.bioscience.co.uk/) for providing The Zymo Research  Zyppy plasmid miniprep and Zymoclean sample kits.
  Rebecca Shilton and Euan Forbes at Fermentas (http://www.fermentas.co.uk/) for once again supplying FastDigest restriction enzymes for BioBrick assembly, T4 DNA ligase and T-shirt sponsorship.
   Andrew Birnie at GRI (http://www.gri.co.uk/) for the loan of a GeneTechnologies G-storm PCR cycler (http://www.gstorm.co.uk/gene).
  Ya-Chi Chen at Takara/Clontech (http://www.takara-bio.com/ and http://www.clontech-europe.com/) for the very useful Sprint Advantage Single shot DNA polymerase PCR kit and Micro PCR tubes.
  Renata Almeida at Bioline (http://www.bioline.com/) for the free samples of Hyper and Easy DNA ladders, VELOCITY DNA polymerase and T-shirt sponsorship.
 Suravi Chatterjee-Woolman and Martin Gay at VWR (http://www.vwr.com/) for vouchers towards oligo and Peptide synthesis.
 Frank Kensy at m2p labs (http://www.m2p-labs.com/ for the free samples of 48 Well-Flowerplates for small-scale, high throughput bacterial cell culture.
 Ian Rushton at Cambio (http://www.cambio.co.uk/ for the free samples of T5 Exonuclease used by the Cambridge team for Gibson DNA assembly.
  Edward Bagenal and Davin Miller at New England BioLabs (http://www.neb.com/ for a very generous supply of free Finnzymes Phusion High-Fidelity DNA polymerase, Thermus aquaticus (Taq) DNA ligase and dNTPs used by the Cambridge team for Gibson DNA assembly, as well as DNA ladders and gel loading dyes.
 Alex Orda at Anachem (http://www.anachem.co.uk/) for the free supply of EarthSaver pipette tips, freezer boxes and the very snazzy IsoFreeze racks.
 Glynis Johnson and Antony Longhurst at Labtech International (http://www.labtech.co.uk/ for organising the loan of a NanoDrop 2000 and a Q-cycler II Standard Thermal cycler.
 Simon Morgan at Qiagen (http://www.qiagen.com/ for the free QIAprep Spin miniprep, QIAquick PCR purification and QIAquick gel Extraction kits.
 Vanessa Talbot at Eppendorf (http://www.eppendorf.co.uk/) for the loan of a Thermomixer.
   Tessa Hargrove at Bibby Scientific (http://www.bibby-scientific.com/) for the loan of a Techne TC plus PCR machine, a nifty Techne NoIce and T-shirt sponsorship.
 Evelyn Fitzgerald at Brand (http://www.brand.de/en) for the free samples of 96-well plates, plate seals, and PCR tubes. 
  Richard Pandian at Thermo Fisher Scientific (http://www.thermofisher.com/) for organising sponsorship of the Cambridge iGEM2010 lecture and sponsor’s event later in the year.